Science and Technology in Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress

Keywords: Secret words, threats, suspense, Security Agency


Brown is an American author of thriller fiction. Brown can spend up to two years writing them. To remain focused on such projects, Brown ensures that when he chooses a theme for the novel and its subject, that they be those that can hold his interest. In Brown's view, the ideal topic does not have an easily defined right or wrong view but presents a moral grey area that can lend itself to debate. Because his favourite subjects include codes, puzzles, treasure hunts, secretive organisations and academic lectures on obscure topics, he tends to incorporate those into his novels. Because Brown considers writing to be a discipline that requires constant practice, he has developed a routine to maintain his abilities.

Article DOI : 10.5958/2347-6869.2017.00003.6


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Science and Technology in Dan Brown’s  Digital Fortress
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