“In Favor of Universal Health Care”

Keywords: Political Philosophy, Rights, Privileges, Kant, Hohfeld, Mill, Gottschalk, Universal Health Care


The debate concerning universal health care is a relatively new phenomenon and a feature of modernity, but it is still unsure whether it is a right or a luxury. Additionally, the most powerful and affluent nations even question if universal health care is compatible with the democratic foundations on which they rest. First, from a Kantian and Hohfeldian perspective, this piece will outline the difference between a right and a privilege. Following that, there will be Hohfeldian and Kantian arguments suggesting health care is an entitlement of all and not a luxury. Afterwards, this piece will explore how universal health care is compatible with the principles of democracy through the classical liberal and proto-libertarian lens of J.S. Mill. Next, through the lens of political scientist Marie Gottschalk, there will be a description of the economic issues faced by businesses and individuals in states which do not embrace universal health care. Finally, by applying Kant’s, Hohfeld’s, Mill’s, and Gottschalk’s views concerning this topic, this piece will conclude with suggestions supporting the democratic and economic move toward comprehensive health care.

Article DOI : 10.5958/2347-6869.2017.00006.1


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“In Favor of Universal Health Care”
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