A critical analysis of the Novel: Gunah-E-Muqaddas

Keywords: Husain Quli Mastan, Socio & Political Coditions, reign of the Shah, Shah Iran


Gunah-e-Muqaddas is story of a family which lived during the reign of the Shah in Tehran and it rotates around a woman who is a mother. There are several characters in this novel, but it mosty expresses the second son of the family, Manuchehr. Besides his parents, Nazy and Humayun are important characters of the novel. This novel represents the Political and social situation in Iran during the Pahlavi, which deteriorated so much wind, and disorder everywhere. Hussain Quli Mastan unfavorable situation in the country is reflected in the novel.

In this article the characterization, tone, dialogue, idioms and allusions and other elements characteristic style Rashness has been examined.


Q. Husain, Mastan. Gunah-E-Muqaddas. 1st ed. Javed, 1370. Print.
A critical analysis of the Novel:  Gunah-E-Muqaddas
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