Keywords: Nupi Lan (1939), Second World War (1942 – 1945), Displacement of the inhabitants of Manipur during the world war - 2


The Second World War reached India with the Japanese bombing of Imphal, the capital of Manipur on 10th May 1942. This changed the life of the denizens of Imphal and also that of the people living in the far flung region of Manipur. The people of Imphal immediately fled their home after the bombing. After some months, some of them returned to their home and start settling down. In their locality they saw many soldiers. Some even find the soldiers staying in their house. As the Japanese invasion of Manipur becomes a possibility day by day, more and more soldiers were sent into Imphal and other parts where the Japanese are likely to pass through. To enable the soldier to stay, in those strategic places and also for the safety of the local populaces they were once again left their homes. This time, they were asked by the government to vacate their house. Hence, this paper is name as the 2nd Displacement of the Inhabitants of Manipur.

Unlike the traditional sources, the primary sources for this paper are collected from Manipuri who are above 75 years and who witnessed the incidents related to the Second World War (by visually recording their statements). All interviews have been video recorded. The interviewees include persons from all walks of life – from the member of the royal family of Manipur (Maharaj Kumari Mangisana Devi, the then king’s sister – in – law) to the daughter – in – law of the Durbar member of Manipur to the common masses. As such, most of the sources in this paper are based on the records of the interview of those who experienced the Second World War.


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2nd displacement of the inhabitants of manipur during the world war II
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