Health and life style of rural and urban population

An Anthropological study

  • Singh Arnasha Research Scholar Dept. of Anthropology University of Lucknow, India
Keywords: Food, Life, Health, Urban, Rural, appearance, efficiency and emotional well-being


Food has been a vital material of the life since inception of all organisms. By taking food we ensure growth of our children and youth, and maintain our good health. But some foods are good and helpful for maintaining health, while some are harmful. A large part of it is scientifically beneficial for body and fulfills needs of our life style. Thus, it can be stated that food is that which nourishes our body. It may also be defined as anything which is eaten or drunk, that meets the needs for energy building. In short, the food is the raw material from which our bodies are made. Intake of its any kinds amounts to health, which may be evident in our appearance, efficiency and emotional well-being. My objective of this study is that to check the health status of urban and rural health. This approach is used for rural and urban population of Allahabad district. Research design is descriptive type and data collection techniques are applied interview schedule, participant observation, sampling etc. Finally conclusion is found out in my study that variation of diet is present and health of urban people is good.


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Health and life style of rural and urban population: An Anthropological study
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