Thinking dynamic fragments of the infinite

  • Scorza Fabio Fabio Scorza is a published author; He was born in 1973 in a beautiful town in Calabria, San Lucido (CS). He grew up in Tuscany, Lucca. Or lived in different regions of Italy and other European countries: France, Spain and Germany. He has traveled to different countries: Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Senegal. He currently lives in Reggio Calabria.
  • Franco Silvana Traduzione dall'italiano
Keywords: undefined and indefinable abstraction, Communication, Ecology and environment, the principle of dishonesty, arrogance and inequality, Globalization and constraints, Internet, law and justice, The World’s Government, our planet, obstacle to reasoning, reflection and research, young people and women


Compilation of eleven short essays that reflect authors view on various
themes.Themes covered under this compilation are:

1. Right or wrong, good or bad, beautiful or ugly, these are all undefined and indefinable abstractions.
2. Communication: we're losing this ability; we are hiding behind a screen.
3. Ecology and environment: what can we do?
4. From kings to subjects: a society founded on the principle of dishonesty, arrogance and inequality.
5. Globalization and constraints, we must respect and protect diversity!
6. The Internet: the most possible objective analysis.
7. Everybody isn’t equal in front of law and you cannot speak about justice...
8. The World’s Government, our money does not belong to us anymore!
9. We are reducing our planet into a giant landfill: we ourselves are becoming garbage!
10. School: an obstacle to reasoning, reflection and research.
11. Let’s entrust the highest roles of the State to young people and women!


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Thinking dynamic fragments of the infinite
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