भारतीय संस्कृति का उत्स : वैदिक वांडमय

  • रानी आभा, PhD Head Dept. of Hindi S.S.M.C. Ranchi University Ranchi समकालीन हिन्दी साहित्यकार
Keywords: Indian culture, Indian civilization, The Vedas


This paper is a reflection of Indian culture and civilization in the lights of holy Vedas. The author in this paper considers the Holy Vedas as the origin of enriched and spiritual civilization of India. The Vedas ("knowledge") are a large body of texts originating in ancient India. Composed in Vedic Sanskrit, the texts constitute the oldest layer of Sanskrit literature and the oldest scriptures of India. The Vedas are apauruṣeya ("not of human agency").They are supposed to have been directly revealed, and thus are called śruti ("what is heard"), distinguishing them from other religious texts, which are called smṛti ("what is remembered"). The Rigveda, containing hymns to be recited by the hotar, or presiding priest; The Yajurveda, containing formulas to be recited by the adhvaryu or officiating priest; The Samaveda, containing formulas to be sung by the udgatar or priest that chants; The Atharvaveda, a collection of spells and incantations, apostrophic charms and speculative hymns.


वैदिक साहित्य
भारतीय संस्कृति का उत्स : वैदिक वांडमय
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