Conceptualization of Scientart

The interaction between the Worlds of Science and Art

Keywords: Scientart, art, science, metaphysics, Suhrawardi


Scientart might be defined as an interaction between the worlds of art and science. Three types of these interactions might be considered: artistically-inclined scientific activities, science-minded artistic activities, and intertwined artistic and scientific activities.

In this conceptualization different disciplines such as physics, metaphysics, economics, and medicine could be counted as science. Furthermore, we consider literature as art.

The artistically-inclined science can be seen in scientists leading an art program, such as what happened in the artists' program to document NASA missions. Science-minded art could be regarded in the artworks include scientific themes. These artworks might be inspired by science or inspire scientists.

An instant of intertwined artistic and scientific activities could be seen in the occult treatises describe philosophical subjects and rational issues in fictions.

DOI: 10.5958/2347-6869.2017.00018.8


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Conceptualization of Scientart
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