Minority Education | A study of Indian Muslims

Keywords: Empowerment, Development, Backwardness, Discrimination


It is a universally accepted fact that education is the most potent and effective tool to achieve empowerment of any section of society. Muslims in India lag behind in education is a sad aspect of their life. It is a matter of common beliefs that unless Muslim educational backwardness is addressed, the empowerment of Indian Muslims would remain elusive. The Muslims in India would remain politically marginalized and economically poor unless they overcome their educational backwardness. Education holds the key to the empowerment of Indian Muslims. Education is one of the most powerful factors for the political, social, economic and spiritual development of individuals and communities. It is a well known fact that India cannot march on the path of development and claim to be world leader if majority of its minority community remains educationally backward. High dropout rates among Muslim students are worrisome. As with many Indians, the main reason for educational backwardness of Muslims is abject poverty due to which children are forced to drop out after the first few classes.


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Minority Education | A study of Indian Muslims
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