Cultural Values of Customary Handicraft

Cloth weaving in the Case of Macca Oromo Ethnic group in Western Ethiopia

  • Waktole Duguma Hailu Lecturer Department of Oromo Folklore (Culture) and Literature College of Social Sciences and Law Jimma University, Jimma Ethiopia
Keywords: Weaving, culture, value, Oromo


This paper provides the role of weaving activity in socio-cultural life of Oromo society in general and Macca Oromo in particular. Data were collected through. Qualitative data collection tools like interview, focus group discussion and observation. Interviews were conducted to establish the cultural, social, tourism, ecological and aesthetic value. Apart from interviews, scheduled observations were administered so as to collect in-depth information and data. Lastly focused group discussion was also cried out with selective key informant. The paper addresses contribution of weaving activity in Oromo cultural life. The local inhabitant prefer products of indigenous weavers, they like and respect it. It viewed as holy and used in ritual celebration. Similarly the skill reveals creative ability, identity, culture and history of weavers and users. Furthermore it plays great role in perseveration of cultural heritage, employment creation, tourist attraction and environmental protection.


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Cultural Values of Customary Handicraft: Cloth weaving in the Case of Macca Oromo Ethnic group in Western Ethiopia
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