Democracy, A Tale of Sustainability

Keywords: Autonomy, Democracy, Social Movements, the Struggle for the Commons


“Democracy, a tale of Sustainability”, is a trans-disciplinary critical project, it deals with the question of how and why the civilizations of modernity construct social realities that fundamentally and institutionally are socio-politically unequal, unsustainable and that ecologically these societies reproduce unequal exchange of human, social and environmental resources and information. Moreover, it tries to position an alternative pathway for radical and democratic transformation through “the project of autonomy” influenced from the struggle for the commons as a protest against the commodification and monetarization of the whole of our existence. This project is both theoretical and practical; a qualitative and quantitative analysis from Skouries of Halkidiki, Greece. It aims to expand the knowledge about the struggle of social movements, as well as exposing the endless possibilities humanity have to re-imagine an autonomous present and a sustainable future.


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Democracy,  A Tale of Sustainability
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