Towards an Enlightened Externalism

A Demystification of the Internalism Externalism debate

Keywords: Internalism, Externalism, Epistemology, Enlightened Externalism


The Paper argues for the synthesis of the Internalism and Externalism theory of justification. It is the opinion of the paper that since both internalist and externalists legitimately seeks the epistemic quest for certainty, both are important epistemologically. Moreso, since both Internalism and Externalism define issues that must be addressed in a theory of knowledge, they can and should be understood as compatible doctrines. Against all positions of non-compatibility, the paper holds that the compatibility of both internalism and externalism is logically strengthened. As a matter of fact both should not be view as “Contradictory” but as “Sub –contraries”. Finally, the paper proposed a guide to, even in its crudeness, resolving the Internalism and Externalism debate: A hybrid of internalism and externalism.


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Towards an Enlightened Externalism: A Demystification of the Internalism Externalism debate
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