Dangerous Liasons - The Impending Discourse of "THE FRIEND ZONE"

Keywords: Friend zone, newfound, psychologists, electronic media, propensity, philosophies, abiding, trend


The present paper examines the concept of “the friend zone” and its overwhelming impact on life and consciousness. Some crucial questions are raised in this context as to its new found origin, cause and its relative uniqueness. Critics’ views along with that of psychologists and social scientists are taken into account so as to approach the problem tactfully and effectively. The contribution of electronic media in its growth and propagation is studied so as to trace its propensity in overriding philosophies and social structures. Endeavour has been made to examine the pros and cons of abiding by this juvenile trend and a viable solution has been proposed.


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Dangerous Liasons - The Impending Discourse of "THE FRIEND ZONE"
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