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SOCRATES is an international, multi-disciplinary, refereed and indexed scholarly journal.
This journal appears quarterly in English.
SOCRATES is available in both Print and On-line versions:
❊ Printed Version (ISSN 2347-2146): Format: Print Book
❊ Online Version (ISSN 2347-6869): Format: Published online (PDF)
❊ Journal Frequency: Published quarterly in March-June-September and December i.e. Four Issues in a year.
❊ Script/Language of the Journal: English
❊ Broad Subject Category: Social Science/Arts and Humanities
❊ Subjects/Disciplines Covered: Multidisciplinary
1. English literature
2. Philosophy
3. Political Science (including Public-Administration/Public-Management/Governance)
❊ SOCRATES is available for Subscription.
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SOCRATES aspires to be one of the Worlds leading Journal Publishing innovative, responsive and high-quality Research Papers. Socrates is a serious, scholarly publication that is peer-reviewed and indexed, and we only accept quality manuscripts to publish in this international journal.Our mission behind introducing and initiating this journal is to motivate Scholars who have the willingness to Produce and publish quality research and discuss his/her original research, thoughts and ideas. We strongly believe in the concept of a connected academic world of researchers. Thus, we have indexed our journal at some of the best citation centres.

Current Status of the Journal:

❊ The Journal Socrates is relatively young yet well-known around the Globe.
❊ SOCRATES has been recognised as one of the major international journals worldwide. One and only Journal from Asia and the Pacific which has been included in E-journals.org. E-Journals.org is the most honoured and trusted source which dates back to Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the World Wide Web).
❊ Produced as par of the Harvard Dataverse Network.
❊ GLOBAL IMPACT FACTOR - 2013 0.512 | 2014 0.611 | 2015 0.765
❊ Index Copernicus: ICV 2013: 4.17 | ICV 2014: 69.00 | ICV 2015: 73.13 | ICV 2016: 59.45
❊ SOCRATES is under evaluation in Science Citation Index (SCI), ISI Web of Knowledge and Web of Science (Thomson Reuters) SOCRATES is under evaluation in SCOPUS SOCRATES is under evolution for inclusion in "The Philosopher’s Index" (The Most Authoritative Online Bibliography in Philosophy).
❊ SOCRATES is a REGISTERED JOURNAL FOR INDEXING (METADATA HARVESTING) Base URL for SOCRATES Repository: OAI-PMH version is 2.0 https://www.socratesjournal.com/index.php/SOCRATES/oai Registered with world's topmost directories and databases.

Other Units/projects of the Journal:

Publication of Reports as an Issue or as part of an issue.
Publication of Special issues based on Scholarly events.
Book publication support

Aim and Scope:

SOCRATES is a multidisciplinary scholarly journal that aims to serve the higher education by providing a platform for quality research. We are focused on expanding our scope and consolidating our position in both conceptual developments and practical application with special emphasis on social issues. Our motive is to promote research as research is an essential part of higher learning.

SOCRATES is a serious Scholarly journal with an aim to promote and enhance research in the following three Disciplines:
(Library of Congress Classification)
1. English literature2. Philosophy3. Political Science (including Public-Administration/Public-Management/Governance)

Coverage of the Journal:

✔ Research article: Article of original research carried out by author(s)
✔ Review article: Significant review of original research literature
✔ Short communication:Brief research communication/ news/views/ article
✔ Case study: Analytical findings of an individual case and communicated in journal publication
✔ Research method: Reporting of new research methods
✔ Opinion papers: Article provide opinion of individual or group
✔ Observations (R&D): Expression of observations on R&D method/experiment/test and findings etc
✔ Special articles:Invited article, memorial lecture/working paper/special paper/expert views/comments
✔ Standard: A standard is a document that establishes uniform engineering or technical specifications, criteria, methods, processes, or practices
✔ Report (R&D): Report a non-serial publication giving a detailed account of information or statements, often including opinions and findings, of an individual or group on a particular topic
✔ Proceedings paper: The paper published in a Conference/Symposium/Seminar/Workshops etc or summarization of all papers from conference proceedings.

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