SOCRATES is a multidisciplinary, multilingual journal that aims to serve the higher education by providing platform to quality research from various disciplines and languages.We are focused on expanding our scope and consolidating our position in both conceptual developments and practical application with special emphasis on social issues. Our motive is to promote research as research is an essential part of higher learning.

SOCRATES is a serious Scholarly journal with an aim to promote and enhance research in the following Disciplines:


✔ History
✔ Language & Literature- English ; Hindi ; Persian
✔ Philosophy

Social sciences

✔ Anthropology
✔ Area studies
✔ Psychology
✔ Sociology
✔ Economics,Management and Commerce
✔ Gender and sexuality studies
✔ Geography

Professions and Applied sciences

✔ Politics, Law and Governance
✔ Agriculture
✔ Higher Education
✔ Environmental studies and Forestry
✔ Journalism, media studies and communication
✔ Social work
✔ Tourism

Coverage of the Journal:

✔ Research article : Article of original research carried out by author(s)
✔ Review article :Significant review of original research literature
✔ Short communication:Brief research communication/ news/views/ article
✔ Case study:Analytical findings of an individual case and communicated in journal publication
✔ Research method : Reporting of new research methods
✔ Opinion papers:Article provide opinion of individual or group
✔ Observations (R&D):Expression of observations on R&D method/experiment/test and findings etc
✔ Special articles:Invited article, memorial lecture/working paper/special paper/expert views/comments
✔ Standard:A standard is a document that establishes uniform engineering or technical specifications, criteria, methods, processes, or practices
✔ Report (R&D):Report a non-serial publication giving a detailed account of information or statements, often including opinions and findings, of an individual or group on a particular topic
✔ Proceedings paper:The paper published in a Conference/Symposium/Seminar/Workshops etc or summarization of all papers from conference proceedings.