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SOCRATES aspires to be one of Worlds’s leading Journal Publishing innovative, responsive and high-quality Research Papers. Socrates is a serious, scholarly publication that is peer-reviewed and indexed, and we only accept quality manuscripts to publish in this international journal.Our mission behind introducing and initiating this journal is to motivate Scholars who have the willingness to Produce and publish quality research and discuss his/her original research, thoughts and ideas. We strongly believe in the concept of connected academic world of researchers. Thus, we have indexed our journal at some of the best citation centers.



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  • Produced as par of the Harvard Dataverse Network.
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Socrates Journal has a team of Expert Book reviewers and it is expanding day by day.Our reviewers include librarians, business executives, journalists from national publications, PhDs in religion and literature, creative executives in entertainment and publishing industries as well as other professional reviewers.

Interested Authors and Publishers are welcome to submit their Book for Review by the leading experts of this industry.

The book may be written in any of these three languages/Scripts: English-Hindi and Persian

A book is analyzed based on content, style, and merit. We are devoted to book reviews. Reviews are published and indexed.




We welcome Research organizations, NGOs and other voluntary organizations to submit their research findings for consideration of publication in the Journal. Report should necessarily cover any one of these issues of our Human Society: Political, Social, Economic, Religious, International Issues, Environmental, Ethical, Health Issues.

A large report is more likely to be published as a separate issue of the Journal. A small report would be published as a part of an Issue.




The Journal Socrates invites proposals for special issues that focus on a specific area of research that has broad appeal and falls within the focus and scope of the journal.







Socrates Journal invites Authors/Researchers to submit their research papers for consideration of publication in the regular Issues of the Journal.

Deadline For Regular Paper Submission: February 15, 2016

Vol 3, No 4 (2015): Issue- December


About this issue:

This issue of Socrates has been divided into five sections.

The first section of this issue is Language & Literature- English. The first article of this section focuses on the ways, Dariyush Mehrjoui (well-known Iranian filmmaker) has tried to portray an Iranian intellectual in a situation similar to that of Herzog, rendering through this character the complex socio-political and cultural situation of post-revolutionary Iran., with the objective of offering insight into the political and cultural atmosphere of the modernized and post-revolutionary Iran. The second article of this section analyses Sam Shepard reflection on the traditional meanings of myth and their erasure in the postmodern societies.

The second section of this issue is Language & Literature- Persian. The first article of this section is in Persian script, which analyses the Photography of water and reflection of meaning in the works of Prof. Amir H. Zekrgoo. The second article of this section seeks to provide a short introduction of notables who migrated to Awadh after the fall of Delhi and give a general overview of the life and contribution of these literary figures towards the development of the Persian literature.

The third section of this issue is Philosophy, which contains an article that details the experiences of a social scientist in his quest to develop a greater understanding of science, scientists and those characteristics that ultimately determine greatness.

The fourth section of this issue is Politics, Law and Governance, which contains an article that identifies good governance approach in tackling the raging menace of insecurity in the African continent. Finally, the paper concluded that one important missing link in the current democratization as well as guarantee of security in Africa is the challenge of flawed democracy.

The fifth section of this issue is Interviews and Discussions, which contains the interview of Author and Historian Monette Bebow-Reinhard, who has been working with copper ancient rarities since 2000. She has been incorporating a database of copper ancient rarities (CAMD)all through the country with an end goal to track an exchange system.


  • Khojastehpour Adineh is PhD Candidate - English Literature in the Department of Foreign Languages and Linguistics at the College of Literature and Humanities Shiraz University Shiraz, Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Anushiravani Alireza is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at the College of Literature & HumanitiesShiraz University Shiraz Iran.
  • Parvin Dr. Ghasemi is Professor, English Literature, Faculty of Foreign Languages at the Shiraz University, Shiraz Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • Razieh Falasiri M.A. English Literature Shiraz University, Shiraz Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Zahra Abdollah Ph.D. Scholar Shahed University, Tehran, Iran 
  • Mohsen Marasy Associate Professor Department of Art Studies Faculty of Art, Shahed University Islamic Republic of Iran 
  • Mukhtar Ahmed Research Scholar Centre for Persian and Central Asian Studies School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India 
  • Curtis R. Blakely Associate Professor-Justice Systems Truman State University Kirksville, Missouri United States of America 
  • OJO Oluwole Patrick Assistant Lecturer College of Social and Management Sciences, Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria 
  • OJO Mathew Olusola Department of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution School of Arts and Social Sciences National Open University of Nigeria, Nigeria 
  • ESAN Vincent Alaba Department of Political Science and International Studies College of Social and Management Sciences Afe Babalola University Ado-Ekiti. Nigeria 
  • Saurabh Chandra Editor-SOCRATES.