Author Self Archiving Policy


Socrates journal does not allow authors to post items submitted to the journal on personal Not for Profit websites or institutional repositories or on any other website prior to publication and after publication.They can only share web links to their published article after publication. The journal, however, permits "author self-archiving" 24 months after the publication of the article.

Published Authors can download and print their article in PD Format but can not share it online on any website.

Preprint (Archiving and sharing online not allowed)

A preprint is a version of the article before it has been peer-reviewed for publication. The term may refer either to articles at an early stage of preparation or to articles at the last stage before submission for peer review. In the latter case the article is, of course, well-developed and ready for critical review and, if only minor revisions are needed as a result of peer review, a late-stage preprint may be very little different from the final article.

Post print/Final post-print (Archiving and sharing online not allowed)

A post-print is the final version of the article that the author sees before it is published. A post-print has been peer reviewed and the changes and revisions required by the reviewers have been incorporated. However, the author's final post print and the published version are effectively the same.

There would be no responsibility of the Journal Socrates or any member of the Journal on the items submitted/posted by the authors and readers on any personal Not for Profit websites or institutional repositories or website or anywhere on Internet. In the case of Breach from the side of the author, the Journal will remove the shared article from its published issue.