Subclass B
B1-5802                                 Philosophy (General)
B69-99                                   General works
B108-5802                              By period Including individual philosophers and schools of philosophy
B108-708                                 Ancient
B720-765                                 Medieval
B770-785                                 Renaissance
B790-5802                               Modern
B808-849                                 Special topics and schools of philosophy
B850-5739                              By region or country
B5800-5802                             By religion
Subclass BC
BC1-199                                 Logic
BC11-39                                 History
BC25-39                                 By period
BC60-99                                 General works
BC171-199                              Special topics
Subclass BD
BD10-701                               Speculative philosophy
BD10-41                                 General philosophical works
BD95-131                               Metaphysics
BD143-237                              Epistemology.  Theory of knowledge
BD240-260                              Methodology
BD300-450                              Ontology Including being, the soul, life, death
BD493-701                              Cosmology
                                             Including teleology, space and time, structure of matter,
                                             plurality of worlds
Subclass BL
BL1-2790                                Religions.  Mythology.  Rationalism
BL1-50                                   Religion (General)
BL51-65                                 Philosophy of religion. Psychology of religion. 
                                             Religion in relation to other subjects
BL70-71                                 Sacred books (General)
BL71.5-73                              Biography
BL74-99                                 Religions of the world
BL175-265                              Natural theology
BL175-190                              General
BL200                                    Theism
BL205-216                              Nature and attributes of Deity
BL217                                    Polytheism
BL218                                    Dualism
BL220                                    Pantheism
BL221                                    Monotheism
BL224-227                              Creation. Theory of the earth
BL239-265                              Religion and science
BL270                                    Unity and plurality
BL290                                    The soul
BL300-325                              The myth.  Comparative mythology
BL350-385                              Classification of religions
BL410                                    Religions in relation to one another
BL425-490                              Religious doctrines (General)
BL430                                    Origins of religion
BL435-457                              Nature worship
BL458                                    Women in comparative religion
BL460                                    Sex worship. Phallicism
BL465-470                              Worship of human beings
BL473-490                              Other
BL500-547                              Eschatology
BL550-619                              Worship. Cultus
BL624-629.5                           Religious life
BL630-(632.5)                        Religious organization

BL660-2680                            History and principles of religions
BL660                                    Indo-European. Aryan