About the Issue: This Issue of Socrates contains selected scholarly articles from various scholarly disciplines. The entire issue has been divided into five sections.

The first Section of the edition of Socrates Language and Literature contains scholarly Research Papers from English language and Literature, Hindi literature and Persian literature. The first research paper of this section and the edition deals with Feminism and endeavours to investigate the origin and development of this movement; and also pays tribute to the inextinguishable and daredevil spirit of innumerable women who tirelessly contributed in making the “new woman” a reality. The Second paper which belongs to the scholarly discipline of Hindi Literature is a comparative analysis of two spiritual ideologies that prevails in India and different parts of the world. This sort of comparative study is rarely found in and which makes it an asset for the research literature.

The second section of this issue of Socrates, Swedish History, contains a paper that presents Sweden’s most dignified and faithful Queen Dowager: Catherine Stenbock.

The third section of this issue of Socrates, Politics, Law and Governance, contains various research articles on various scholarly themes. The first research paper of this section attempts to analyse Carl Schmitt’s and Agamben’s theories through this interesting tripartite relation among the political, sovereignty and exception which gives an interesting account to reconfigure sovereignty and its effects felt on Indian emergency of 1975-77 and anti-terror laws in recent times. Also in what ways it appears as a challenge to the centrality of law in a democracy. The second research paper of this section examines the Scottish enlightenment and involvement in this debate through James Mackintosh’s response to Burke this encounter of British and French enlightenment will illuminate our modern vision of human rights theories. The third research paper of this section is a research study in context of global security under the impact of globalization. The fourth research paper of this section deals with a universal problem popularly known as “Corruption”. This paper investigates the remedies of corruption as suggested by the great philosopher and teacher Kautilya in his masterpiece Arthashastra. The fifth research paper of this section deals with one of vibrant issues of free world “Human rights”.

The fourth section of this issue of Socrates contains some of the best research papers from the scholarly disciplines of Commerce Management and Economics. These research papers are based on the original research carried out by author(s). The first paper of this section studies the relationship between BPR and Organizational Structure with special reference to State Bank of India. The second paper of this section raises evacuation issues. The third paper of this section studies the dimensions of customer service in supply chain management (SCM) of small and medium enterprises of Jammu region. The fourth paper of this section investigates the Effectiveness of Public Distribution System in Jammu & Kashmir. The fifth paper of this section paper examines the role of cooperative societies in economic development of Bangladesh. The sixth paper of this section studies green marketing and reveals its challenges and opportunities in rural India.

The fifth section of this issue represents the scholarly disciplines of Education. It contains a research paper which is based on an action research project to find out ways to improve student’s participation in the class.

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