[SOCRATES] Subscription price revised


Dear Readers and Contribuotrs


We have revised our subscription price for Individual subscribers and Institutions for year 2019. The new prices will be applicable from September 07, 2018 till December 31, 2019. This revision will not affect our existing subscribers.

We invite you to review our new prices at our e-Journal’s website. You are also requested to recommend our Journal to your institution for Subscription.

Web-link to Subscription information: https://www.socratesjournal.com/index.php/SOCRATES/about/subscriptions

We have also updated our Print Journal’s website into an e-Shop. SOCRATES JOURNAL’s PRINT VERSION is available for the individual readers and institutions who are willing to read our scholarly journal in printed book format. They can order the individual issues (both in print and e-copy formats) and subscribe the¬†SOCRATES JOURNAL PRINT VERSION from this website.¬†Books authored by renowned authors and researchers are also available in this Web site’s collection. Interested readers, please feel free to order any title we will make it available.

Web-link to Print Version: https://www.socratesjournal.com/printversion/

As you are well aware that in the field of research, our Journal’s editorial team works very hard to bring forth quality research work to their readers and to provide a platform where scholars can publish their unpublished research papers in printed format. Before publication these unpublished works are refereed and indexed after a review process to ensure its credibility and quality. The Journal also provide worldwide delivery of it’s print copies. Our editorial team consist of scholars from more than twelve countries.

We expect your continuous support and contribution towards this platform of research publication.

Best Regards




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