Great Masters of the Himalayas

Their Lives and Temple Teachings [e-Book]

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The pages of this book have been lived personally by its author. It is absolute fact, even though the Western world may think it incredible fact. The alert observer of human life recognizes there exists more than comes under his personal recognizance-more than “Is dreamt of in thy philosophy, Horatio.” What to the uninformed Western mind, or shall we say the unheeding Western mind seem miraculous unbelievable episodes, is to the philosophical mind of
the Hindu the natural cl~lmination of development along spiritual lines.  The European and Western world looks expectantly and continually into the “outer” for knowledgethe East is introspective, knowing that the spirit of man is not put on like a garment but is innate. The flesh is the garment for the spirit.

The West has been dubbed material, the East spiritual, but it is not so in the truest sense. for “Man lives not by bread alone” hut is sustained by the impelling, compelling spirit. Whether in the Himalayan snows or the busy modern street the flesh is lit by the lampwithin the West has burnished the vessel of the lamp, the East has fanned the flame. The message of Yoga philosophy is: “Go within to find thy God. He waits for you in the temple of your  soul. The reality is within, and Maya (illusion) is without.”

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