Krishna Gopeshvara: The Truth of Vrishnis

(Book 1 of the Lord Krishna Trilogy)

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  2. Publisher: Bloomsbury India (29 May 2018)
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The book provides an excellent insight into the working of the society in Krishna’s times. Small conversations bring out the deeper meanings of many of the common practices of the people of those times which persist to this day;

Evil ideology of Kutil Muni and its influence on Kamsa is depicted in a manner that anticipates future events in the next parts of the Trilogy. The Reverse Swastika as the symbol of an evil ideology is fittingly destroyed with the slaying of Kamsa.

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Krishna Gopeshvara is the first book in a proposed Krishna Trilogy by Sanjay Dixit. The book was soft launched by unveiling the cover of the book by Sanjay Dixit with the publishers Bloomsbury Publishing on 18 November 2017 in the second edition of The Jaipur Dialogues event. The book has now been published on 29th May 2018. The sub-title of the book was initially publicised as “Rationalist of Vrishnis”, but has now been changed to “The Truth of Vrishnis”. According to Dixit, the book aims to explore Krishna’s life events from a rational perspective.

Krishna Gopeshvara follows the trend of historical fictions made popular by Amish Tripathi with his Shiva Trilogy and Ram Chandra Series. It is an action packed thriller set in the Mahabharata era.

According to Dixit, the book is an attempt to create a logical explanation around the engaging persona of arguably the most complex of characters in the Hindu pantheon. During the launch of the book, he stated that there is much truth in the saying that ‘Listen to Krishna, but follow Rama’. He said in the soft launch that Rama was a linear personality who set examples of his own conduct for others to follow, whereas Krishna was in a higher state of evolution as Yogeshvara whose actions cannot be easily understood or followed by lay people, but his teachings are in an exalted state which can be followed by everyone from Yogi to Gopi.

According to Amazon, “‘Krishna Gopeshvara’ is first part of a trilogy on Lord Krishna. It covers the life events of Lord Krishna from roughly Kansa’s capture of the Mathura throne, to Kansa’s killing by Krishna. It is written in the genre of historical fiction. Krishna and Kansa are not presented as some extra-terrestrial beings, but as human beings pursuing their narratives according to their understanding of the world around them. The script is presented as a clash of two narratives – one the dharmic narrative symbolized by Krishna, and the other being a totalitarian narrative symbolized by Kansa. Radha comes in as an inspiration to the young Krishna.

The story is presented as a rational explanation of events around Krishna’s early life. Things that look impossible to an ordinary person have been reconfigured as plausible events. The only assumption that has been made is that Krishna was a highly gifted young man.

Fictional characters have been added to enhance the totalitarian narrative espoused by Kansa. However, the script never leaves the template of history and geography of Aryavarta in the Mahabharata times. Care has been taken that the philosophy associated with Sanatana Dharma comes out in small conversations.”

In an interview given to Swarajya (magazine), Dixit refuted the charge that by attacking violent monotheism of Kutila Dharma, he was indirectly hinting at something. He stated in the interview that tendency for using violence to deify is as old as Hiranyakashipu in the Indian tradition, so it is wrong to say that violent monotheism did not exist in the ancient era. He made a distinction between monism and monotheism and between monotheism and violent monotheism.

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