Political Science


CLASS J - POLITICAL SCIENCE (including Public-Administration/Public-Management/Governance)

Subclass J
J(1)‑981                                 General legislative and executive papers
J(1)‑(9)                                  Gazettes
                                             The Library of Congress now classes this material in K
J80‑87                                   United States
J80‑82                                   Presidents' messages and other executive papers
J100‑981                                Other regions and countries
Subclass JA
JA1‑92                                   Political science (General)
JA1‑26                                   Periodicals
JA27‑34                                 Societies
JA35.5                                   Congresses
JA60‑64                                 Dictionaries and encyclopedias
JA71‑80                                 Theory.  Relations to other subjects
JA81‑84                                 History
JA86‑88                                 Study and teaching.  Research
JA92                                      Collective biography of political scientists
Subclass JC
JC11‑605                                Political theory.  The state.  Theories of the state
JC47                                      Oriental state
JC49                                      Islamic state
JC51‑93                                 Ancient state
JC109‑121                              Medieval state
JC131‑273                              Modern state     
JC177‑178                              Thomas Paine
JC311‑314                              Nationalism. Nation state
JC319‑323                              Political geography
JC327                                    Sovereignty
JC328.2                                 Consensus. Consent of the governed
JC328.6‑.65                           Violence.  Political violence
JC329                                    Patriotism
JC345‑347                              Symbolism
JC348‑497                              Forms of the state
JC571‑605                              Purpose, functions, and relations of the state
Subclass JF
JF20‑2112                              Political institutions and public administration

JF20‑1177                              General.  Comparative government
JF51‑56                                  General works.  History
JF225‑619                              Organs and functions of government
JF251‑289                              Executive.  Heads of state
JF331‑341                              Parliamentary government
JF491‑619                              Legislation.  Legislative process.  Law‑making
JF799‑1177                            Political rights.  Political participation
JF1338‑2112                        Public administration
JF1501‑1521                           Civil service
JF2011‑2112                           Political parties
Subclass JJ
JJ1000‑1019                           Political institutions and public administration (North America)
Subclass JK
JK1‑9993                                Political institutions and public administration (United States)
JK1‑9593                                United States
JK404‑1685                            Government.  Public administration
JK501‑868                              Executive branch
JK631‑868                              Civil Service.  Departments and agencies
JK1012‑1432                          Congress.  Legislative branch
JK1154‑1276                          Senate
JK1308‑1432                          House of Representatives
JK1606‑1683                          Capital.  Public buildings.  Government
                                             property.  Government purchasing
JK1717‑2217                          Political rights.  Practical politics
JK1758‑1761                          Citizenship
JK1846‑1929                          Suffrage
JK1965‑2217                          Electoral system
JK2255‑2391                          Political parties
JK2403‑9593                          State government
JK9663‑9993                          Confederate States of America
Subclass JL
JL1‑3899                                Political institutions and public administration                &nb