English literature

Library of Congress Classification:

Class P -- Language and Literature

Subclass PR - English literature
Subclass PR
PR1-9680        English literature
PR1-56            Literary history and criticism
PR57-78          Criticism
PR111-116      Women authors
PR125-(138.5) Relations to other literatures and countries
PR161-488      By period
PR171-236      Anglo-Saxon (Beginnings through 1066)
PR251-369      Medieval.  Middle English (1066-1500)
PR401-488      Modern
PR421-(429)   Elizabethan era (1550-1640)
PR431-(439)   17th century
PR441-(449)   18th century
PR451-(469)   19th century
PR471-(479)   20th century
PR481-488      21st century
PR500-614      Poetry
PR521-614      By period
PR621-744      Drama
PR641-744      By period
PR750-890      Prose
PR767-818      By period
PR821-890      Prose fiction.  The novel
PR901-907.2   Oratory
PR908             Diaries
PR911-918      Letters
PR921-928      Essays
PR931-938      Wit and humor
PR(951)-981   Folk literature
PR1098-1369  Collections of English literature
PR1110           Special classes of authors
PR1119-1151  By period
PR1170-1228  Poetry
PR1241-1273  Drama
PR1281-1309 Prose (General)
PR1321-1329 Oratory
PR1330 Diaries
PR1341-1349  Letters
PR1361-1369  Essays
PR1490-1799  Anglo-Saxon literature
PR1803-2165 Anglo-Norman period.  Early English.  Middle
PR       English
PR2199-3195  English renaissance (1500-1640)
PR3291-3785  17th and 18th centuries (1640-1770)
PR3991-5990  19th century, 1770/1800-1890/1900
PR6000-6049  1900-1960
PR6050-6076  1961-2000
PR6100-6126  2001-
PR8309-9680  English literature: Provincial, local, etc.
This journal section also covers : Film studies, Movie reviews, Book reviews, Gender and sexuality studies, Feminism, Early Modern literature and culture,Visual culture,Visual Rhetoric,War in literature and life-writing,Autobiography,Modern British writers, especially non-canonical women writers,Life Writing/Women’s Life Writing,Arab and Arab North American literature, history, and culture,Diaspora and Postcolonial Theory,War and Trauma Theory and Literature,Transnational and Immigrant Literature ,American Literature,Canadian literature,Caribbean literature,Diaspora studies,Contemporary poetry and poetics,Visual arts in literature,British Romantic literature and culture (especially poetry),William Blake,Gender and sexuality,Medical writing and illustration,Literature and science,Religion and literature,Disability studies,Renaissance and Reformation Literature, including Shakespeare and Milton,Drama and Theatre studies,Canadian Drama and Theatre,Fin-de-Siecle Literature and Drama (British and Canadian),Historiography and Politics of Literary and Theatrical Production,Nineteenth-century American Literature,African American Literature,Cultural studies,Linguistics (especially cognitive linguistics and history of linguistics),Cognitive Poetics (especially the affective dimensions of linguistic and textual form in literature),Construction Grammar (especially the intersection of everyday expressions and rhetorical schemes),Cultural and literary theory (especially Bakhtin, the Frankfurt School, Marxist theory, Raymond Williams),Politics and language,Critical media studies,Urban culture,Nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Canadian writing.,Medieval English literature,Medieval humanism,Shakespeare,Early modern drama and poetry,History of English,Cinema studies,Psychoanalytic approaches to literature and film,Victorian literature and culture (especially fiction from the 1840s and 1850s), Modernist literature of the United Kingdom and Ireland,Postmodernist literature of the United Kingdom and Ireland,Literary theory and criticism,Genetic literary theory and practice,American literature and culture after WWII,Post-romantic poetics,Twentieth-century literature and film,Nineteenth-century American literature,Comics and graphic novels,Asian Diaspora Literatures,War, Refugee, and Migration studies,Children's literature,Game studies,Virtual Worlds,Rhetoric and semiotics of Human-Computer Interaction,Canadian literature and culture, North American literatures and cultures,Black North American writing (including francophone Quebec),Race and ethnicity,Postcolonial writing and Diaspora writing.