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Research Papers/ Manuscripts and Articles are invited For Consideration of Publication in the up-coming EDITION - II VOL: III ISSUE - SEPTEMBER 2014 of  SOCRATES ISSN 2347-6869 AND ISSN 2347-2146. This Issue may be re-published on Open Journal System Platform in the near future. 

Coverage of the journal : 

  1. Research article : Article of original research carried out by author(s)
  2. Review article :Significant review of original research literature
  3. Short communication:Brief research communication/ news/views/ article
  4. Case study:Analytical findings of an individual case and communicated in journal publication
  5. Research method : Reporting of new research methods
  6. Opinion papers:Article provide opinion of individual or group
  7. Observations (R&D):Expression of observations on R&D method/experiment/test and findings etc
  8. Special articles:Invited article, memorial lecture/working paper/special paper/expert views/comments
  9. Standard:A standard is a document that establishes uniform engineering or technical specifications, criteria, methods, processes, or practices
  10. Report (R&D):Report a non-serial publication giving a detailed account of information or statements, often including opinions and findings, of an individual or group on a particular topic
  11. Proceedings paper:The paper published in a Conference/Symposium/Seminar/Workshops etc or summarization of all papers from conference proceedings.
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Deadline : August 30th 2014

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